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Control Media

Control Media

In Kadled we want to satisfy the needs of our customers, that is why we have strategic alliances that allow us to optimize resources and offer integral solutions as a whole.


In addition Kadled lighting products, in conjunction with Control Media, a company present in the market since 2004, offers technological solutions applicable to the
construction industry as simple or complex as your needs require.

Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - ControlMedia

Control Media Solutions

The lighting control systems are designed to distribute the appropriate amount of artificial light in the space and time needed by means of scenario or event programming and are widely used both indoors and outdoors in residential, industrial and commercial spaces.


We implement control solutions based on communication networks between several components, designed to regulate a lighting system that can be programmed, monitored and managed locally or remotely from one or more devices, in addition to contributing greatly to optimization and energy savings.

Our wide range of services includes:

Structured cabling.

Voice and data.

Video surveillance systems.

Access control systems.

Fire detection systems.


Intruder detection systems.

Lighting control.

Audio and video.

Integration and automation.

Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media

Horizontal cabling

Our cable services include the integration of the different services that are available, such as telephony, voice, data, video, security, home automation, everything related to structured cabling.

Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media


Our services of vertical wiring or backbone includes interconnection between telecommunications rooms, equipment room and service entrance and wiring between annex buildings.

Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media

Earthing system

Structured cabling installations must be grounded in order to protect people, end devices and intermediaries as well as avoid electronic interference in the physical environment.

Access control through PIN, Tag, Biometric and Proximity.

The access management systems of persons or vehicles restrict or allow a user to access a specific area by validating the identification by means of different types of reading (key by keyboard, proximity or biometric tags) and in turn controlling the resource ( door, turnstile or talanquera) by means of an electrical device such as an electro-magnet, butt plate, latch or motor.
Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media
Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media

Fire detection.

We install automatic fire detection systems with devices capable of detecting the fire without human intervention emitting a signal that activates the alarm so that the occupants of the facilities have time to evacuate and thus avoid personal injuries. The main objective is to protect human life.

Video surveillance with local and remote monitoring in real time.

Recording, analytical and Multi-Megapixel capture solutions. Analog and IP systems. PTZ control from a monitoring center or from the commodity of your home through your smart phone or tablet.
Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media
Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Control Media

Integration and automation.

The integration allows monitoring and controlling all installed systems, making them work as one only, in addition, by means of pre-established programming, the systems behave or respond differently according to schedules or events automatically.

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