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    BTO Group

    Partnership with BTO Group

    In Kadled want to meet the needs of our customers, so we have strategic alliances that allow us to optimize resources and offer solutions together.

    Besides lighting products Kadled, BTO Group puts at your disposal a team of professionals offering engineering services and construction projects.

    BTO Group History

    BTO began its services on February 18, 2000 as a local company dedicated to the commercialization of materials and electrical equipment.

    Starting a stage of market learning, focusing on the west of the country.

    The acquired knowledge has driven us to new markets at the national level, highlighting projects in several states of the Republic with a technical approach applied to the industry in general, as well as to construction, giving a special emphasis on the quality of energy.

    During our career we have stood out for providing the client with the quality of our services, advice, start-up, design and dimensioning of equipment. We are currently certified in ISO 9001: 2008.



    Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas -Grupo BTO

    In Baja Tensión de Occidente we provide our customers with solutions and technical and integral advice of electrical equipment and material for the development of their projects, with the best options of products and prices, fulfilling their requirements and needs.

    To be the distributor of electrical equipment and material with national presence, leader in the industrial sectors as the best option for our customers to provide them with added value through technical support and integral solutions for their projects, building with them satisfactory, constant relationships and long term.

    In Baja Tensión de Occidente, we are committed to the support of our customers and technical and comprehensive advice of materials and electrical equipment suitable for their projects through a qualified work team, efficient processes and transparent and effective relationships with our suppliers, thereby achieving the safety of our team and the organization through fair and equitable remuneration aimed at meeting objectives, compliance with the satisfaction of our customers and continuous improvement.

    Advice and start-up

    We offer the start-up service where we are committed to programming the equipment according to your needs. We also provide advice to all of our clients regarding the products acquired in BTO.

    Energy studies

    We carry out energy quality studies with state-of-the-art equipment, where in addition to providing diagnosis and a detailed report, we offer you the integral solution with the equipment appropriately sized to your needs

    Automation and movement control

    We have the products and the qualified personnel to attend the automation projects that your company needs. We perform PLC programming according to the specifications and needs of your process.

    Commercial and industrial lighting

    We develop commercial and industrial lighting projects with state-of-the-art equipment and the best national manufacturing brands.

    Our strategic alliances allow us to offer the services of:

    Design and assembly of boards.

    CCM motor control centers.

    Distribution boards.

    Lighting boards.

    Analysis of energy quality.

    Programming of frequency inverters.

    Power factor correction.

    Correction of harmonic currents.

    Key on hand.

    Everything related to electrical / electrical engineering

    We cover the following items:

    Automation and control products.

    Design and construction of Distribution Boards and CCM's.

    Energy Quality Studies.

    Energy Saving Projects.

    Automation projects and updating of machines.

    Programming of drives and soft starters.

    LED lighting


    Power & Control Solutions.

    In BTO Group we are proud to have an Integration Plant certified in ISO 9001: 2008, equipped with high technology machinery and that allows us to develop all kinds of projects, such as: Motor Control Centers, NEMA Distribution Boards , IEC, Concentration of Meters, Lighting Boards and Special Designs.
    Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Grupo BTO
    Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Grupo BTO

    Medium and low voltage motors.

    We have motors of Baldor, ABB and WEG brands. We offer electric motors in all their capacities, suitable for all industries and applications, complying with all national and international energy efficiency regulations.

    Frequency Drives.

    In BTO Group we are proud to be experts in sales, programming and service to Drives of the ABB brand, which are manufactured keeping in mind a greater productivity and efficiency that allows you to optimize the control of your processes. You also have access to a premium service from your experts globally.
    Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Grupo BTO
    Kadled - Alianzas Estrategicas - Grupo BTO

    Soft Starters.

    At BTO Group we have a wide range of full voltage starters and soft starters so you can ensure an efficient and safe starting system for your equipment. We have an offer of soft starters that is structured in four ranges that allow finding the right starter for most possible applications and for engines up to 1800 A.

    Our Clients.

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