There are many wonders that our eyes show us daily, are exposed to multiple circumstances such as; dust, smog, light, etc. These faithful companions are the most sensitive organ of the human body, so special care must be taken in order to maintain good visual health.

Lighting is a very important factor in order to achieve this optimal visual health, so we must be careful with different aspects of daily life that can permeate our vision in the medium or long term.

It is important to monitor sudden changes in light, avoid reflections on the screen of the order or on the work table, as well as the flickering of flashing lights or a contrast of light that is excessive.

It is important to recognize when lighting is not adequate, since being in poorly lit spaces require over-effort, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, eyestrain and even stress. Coupled with this, low light in your workplace causes incorrect postures when working, which can eventually cause back problems or musculoskeletal injuries.

It is not necessary to use electric power at all times to be able to illuminate spaces, natural light works and helps in many occasions with this mission. An open window can work in a good way or in case it is necessary to add an auxiliary light to reinforce the lighting.

Finally, it is important to check the correct way to place the light bulbs, in order to eliminate shadows and reflections that may hinder our activities and visual comfort.

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