Surely you have noticed that after a focus has been fused and you have replaced it with another white one many times the lighting was not the same, even the room looked different and this is caused not because the focus was of another quality but because it changed the light temperature because even between the white color there are different temperatures.

The temperature of the light is considered by experts as the sensation that the human eye has with respect to the perception of sunlight, the warm ones having a greater amber hue and the cold lights having a greater amount of light blue.

To illustrate how temperature affects the hue of light we can think of a flame, the lower the temperature the more red it will be, as the temperature goes up the hue will change from red to orange, yellow, white which is neutral, soft blue and blue more intense being this the color reached when it reaches the maximum degree of heat and therefore of temperature.

The temperature of light influences the development of activities and the performance of people.

Many people have the mistaken idea that having lights with high temperature ideal to simulate conditions of a natural day greater productivity is achieved, this necessarily is not so because the temperature is handled depending on the purpose of the room being for a place of relaxation the lighting with warm light temperatures.

The temperature of the light should be considered based on the functions of the room because if we are in a reading room, in an office or in an alcove the intensities and temperatures should vary, we should also consider factors such as natural lighting and surfaces of furniture being that some finishes are more reflective.

The sources also influence the temperature as the tones change between incandescent bulbs and LED systems.

To achieve ideal productivity and perfect lighting we must consider the types of lighting and temperatures in addition to other variables.

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