Lighting accompanies us at all times, is an ally that meets with us in every activity we do, it is for this reason, that the action of enlightenment does not become a science that becomes art.

This detail is as important as concrete, steel, glass and wood in architecture, as it has the ability to dress and transform spaces and volumes. In addition to this, it generates a sense of security and orientation, as well as promoting social interaction.

Any space needs light to perform various activities, which is why this tool is the most useful to increase productivity, as well as to stimulate positive responses from staff and customers, as in some shopping centers or Super markets, because they create comfortable work environments and help the visitor and buyers to know where to find the products or merchandise, thanks to an adequate exhibition and exhibition of these.

Turning to efficiency issues, lighting represents a significant percentage of electrical load in a home, office or establishment, so it is important to select luminaires with maximum light efficiency and minimum energy consumption.

If you are about to buy light bulbs to illuminate your favorite spaces, you should remember the following details before doing it: color temperature, color rendering index, light efficiency, angle of incidence, intensity and lighting levels. Knowing these details will allow you to:


  • Highlight the objects of the environment.
  • Generate interest in spaces or products.
  • Create atmospheres and comfortable spaces.
  • Integrate environments and spaces to architecture.

Using multiple levels of illumination, will generate contrasts to enhance what is required to exhibit. Using appropriate chromaticities, will enhance the beauty and nature of the materials.

Remember that lighting determines the way in which we perceive materials and spaces.

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