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Kadled for the modernity of Guadalajara

Kadled and Pro Ecoturismo for the modernity of Guadalajara. Calandrias (traditional carriages), Jalisco’s cultural heritage and one of the main tourist attractions of Guadalajara, carriages with folding hood whose driving force based on draft horses has circulated through the streets of the historic center since the beginning of the 20th century, when they acquired the nickname of Calandrias due to…

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The evolution of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connections, currently, are one of the most used tools by users of mobile devices, thousands of hours are the ones that Internet users invest in navigating through the virtual world and sharing an endless variety of contents. Users seek, at all times, stable connections that allow them to perform this activity without any inconvenience or hindrance and this is…

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LED lighting, a range of uses and applications

There is no doubt that LED lighting is here to stay. Multiple industries have seen in their varied and effective features important benefits for savings in installation, maintenance and functionality of their businesses. Since its inception in 1962, the LEDs functioned as status indicators (on / off) of virtually all electronic devices of that time. Later, they began to be…

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LED technology for warehouse lighting

The benefits and positive aspects of LED technology for lighting are well known as they range from energy saving and efficiency, lower environmental impact to longer life and reduction in indoor temperatures. The LEDs present a great opportunity to illuminate large areas and with simple conditions such as a warehouse, whether commercial or industrial, it is even possible to illuminate…

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