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LED lighting, a range of uses and applications

There is no doubt that LED lighting is here to stay. Multiple industries have seen in their varied and effective features important benefits for savings in installation, maintenance and functionality of their businesses. Since its inception in 1962, the LEDs functioned as status indicators (on / off) of virtually all electronic devices of that time. Later, they began to be…

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A novel, surprising and ambitious LED project seeks to create projections on a huge skyscraper

LED technology allows us not only to illuminate places with greater power and lower energy expenditure, make our toys shine or our cars look futuristic, it also allows us to project images of a very good quality and in large areas, for example, on the facade of an immense skyscraper. An ambitious and innovative project was proposed by a study…

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Ideas to apply what you have learned about LED

Now that we know what is the basic operation of the LED, being a diode capable of radiating light, its advantages over common bulbs such as resisting 60 times more continuously, have a better performance in extreme environments and low vibrations, consume a fraction of consumed by incandescent and fluorescent, do not need maintenance, produce less thermal radiation and does…

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Un poco de creatividad y tecnología LED pueden cambiar completo la atmosfera de cualquier espacio #Kadled #Arte

Te presentamos al considerado padre del diodo emisor de luz visible, Nick Holonyak. #Kadled

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