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Smart lighting

There are several portals, researchers and specialists who have exposed in various manifestos, the benefits of LED lighting for the environment and the economy. It is known that these products were created to reduce faults in the public lighting system, which have the ability to optimize energy efficiency and that its life span is eight times greater than conventional. One…

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8 reasons why you should have LED lights

The LEDs are the result of advances in technology, as these emitting diodes came in response to the demands of more efficient, ecological and cheap methods to illuminate, since, light bulbs are increasingly obsolete, consume more energy, produce more color and do not resist impacts, pressures, temperature changes, vibrations or hostile environments. Thanks to the economics of this technology combined…

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Economic and environmental impact of LED lighting in Spain

LED light has not only perfected the way we illuminate our work and recreation spaces, its use has also generated great economic and environmental impact for some countries. Let’s start with a brief example: It is estimated that in Spain there are around 300,000 traffic lights that have an estimated annual consumption of 350 GW (using incandescent bulbs) due to…

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