If you still doubt about the advantages that the LED lighting system can offer, if you think that incandescent bulbs are better and that LED is too expensive, this article is totally for you, because I will present 8 points that will make you change your mind about the LED

  • It is friendly to the environment: By not consuming so much electricity, tons of fuel are saved and it is avoided to release a lot of CO2, almost 80% compared to the others, besides it does not have Tungsten or mercury in its systems.
  • It lasts longer, much longer: Its maintenance is minimal and its life time far exceeds traditional focuses, lasting up to 60,000 hours or more.
  • It does not generate heat: You will not get burned when you touch them, as the energy they produce changes them mostly to light, whereas incandescents transform a lot into heat.
  • Electric energy saving, therefore, saving money: With these lights you will consume about 15% of what your old and old incandescent bulbs consumed and 50% against “bulbs”, so you can see a positive effect direct on your receipt from the energy company, that is, you will save more compared to your receipts when you used traditional bulbs.
  • Greater resistance: These bulbs have greater resistance to extreme climates, both heat and cold as well as high humidity conditions and even vibrations.
  • Continuous cycles: These bulbs resist the constant on-off without being damaged, so you can take them to continuous cycles of on and off and resist more.
  • Its ignition is almost instantaneous: As soon as the current arrives they produce light, faster than a common light bulb.
  • The rainbow is more beautiful: It reproduces colors with greater fidelity and quality due to its high rate of chromatic reproduction (IRC), so if you are looking to create lighting effects, LEDs are your choice.

If you still doubt the advantages that LED systems have over traditional incandescent bulb systems, do not hesitate and decide at once!

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