There are several portals, researchers and specialists who have exposed in various manifestos, the benefits of LED lighting for the environment and the economy. It is known that these products were created to reduce faults in the public lighting system, which have the ability to optimize energy efficiency and that its life span is eight times greater than conventional.

One of the main reasons for the creation and constant development of lighting products and technologies is safety. External spaces are the areas that have been sought to protect in the light industry, such as highways, streets, parking lots, etc.

To carry out a large project of the magnitude of a highway, the use of LED devices is recommended, since they have the advantage of emitting light in only one direction, providing uniform brightness, avoiding waste of energy and glare.

There are some aspects that should be considered; The intensity and temperature of light are fundamental issues to optimize night vision. LED bulbs or luminaires are adaptable to each lighting need, so they can provide and meet the requirements of each space. For example, a street lighting should include between 5,000 and 4,000 Kelvin of color temperature. This technology can provide these levels, which are higher than those offered by conventional bulbs.

These factors when combined with the Color Reproduction index contribute, for example, to the fact that drivers have greater visibility on the route. In addition to this, being intelligent control and monitoring systems, it is easier to detect problems with greater agility.

If we talk about the economic issue and the reduction of costs that LED lighting brings, we can give an example. In Mexico, the Federal Electricity Commission is still alert and active to reduce the technical and non-technical losses of electricity, but thanks to the efforts that have been made in recent years, these have been reduced by 1 percentage point each year, going from 16% in 2012, to 15% in 2013 and 14% at the end of 2014.

The growth and development that this technology has presented in recent years, has a more significant contribution in the public lighting system, as it helps in saving energy, making the use and administration of the resource more efficient.

LED technology guarantees a considerable reduction in maintenance costs, has a low rate of light depreciation, is three times better in color reproduction and exceeds the lighting levels of sodium lamps by 30%. Oh and obvious without counting, that these luminaries are manufactured free of polluting elements such as mercury.

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