Extraordinary visual comfort

Technical specifications


  • Warehouses and warehouses
  • Parking lots and basements
  • Offices and corporate
  • Shops
  • Residential


  • Powers of 18W / 36W / 72W
  • 140 ° opening angles
  • Temperature of 2700 and 5700 K
  • Estimated life of 60,000 hours
Code Power Luminous Flow Amperage Temperature Weight THDi
KLL-60-LC-18W-GR 18W 1633lm 0.18A 2700K 0.85Kg 3.5%
KLL-60-LF-18W-GR 18W 1682lm 0.18A 5000K 0.85Kg 3.5%
KLL-12-LC-36W-GR 36W 3265lm 0.36A 2700K 1.5Kg 3.5%
KLL-12-LF-36W-GR 36W 3364lm 0.36A 5000K 1.5Kg 3.5%
KLL-24-LC-72W-GR 72W 6530lm 0.72A 2700K 3Kg 8%
KLL-24-LF-72W-GR 72W 6728lm 0.72A 5000K 3Kg 8%
KLL2-12-LF-72W-GR 72W 6530lm 0.72A 5000K 1.8Kg 8%

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