The office is a demanding space that requires the best comfort and a harmonious environment to be able to perform in the best way.

Some years ago the lighting in these spaces was simply the installation of fluorescent tubes in series that gave light to work sites. Currently, it is something else. From the furnishing, to the architectural materials, as well as the quantity and quality of light, these are details that must be considered and installed in a workplace.

Not all workspaces are the same, some demand more tools than others, so it is important to detect the needs of the space and the activities that will be carried out in it to know the technology to be implemented.

Whether private or open, lighting should be considered and, above all, studied and analyzed. Commonly, private offices have absolute control over lighting, while open ones make use of natural light most of the day, but beware, this does not mean that they do not require artificial light installations, in these cases it is recommended to place lines of luminaires in parallel to the windows, to regulate the intensity of the light, guaranteeing the minimum level required for the workplace (500 luxes).

The rules for work sites mark 500 luxes as the minimum measure of light, however, the lighting designer can apply their criteria to opt for something lower that allows the worker to have greater comfort when performing their tasks.

For this a balance must be achieved, which requires taking into account the type of lighting, and for this there are four ways to achieve it: direct, indirect light, the combination of both and finally what is known as soft light. Depending on the contribution, each of the above types of lighting can decide whether 500 lux is optimal or if the level can be lowered, for example, to 400 luxes, when there are important contributions of indirect light.

The perception will be an important factor to be taken into account, since there are some effects that cause stress, as is the case of the “cavern effect”, which occurs when a work site is illuminated directly, vertical surfaces and ceilings they are dark, which causes the pupils to open and close constantly.

The combination of various forms of lighting can be beneficial for different cases, in the previously mentioned, helps generate vertical surfaces and well-lit ceilings, making the perception of light is better and that it is distributed in a general way without concentrating on a site specific, which reduces visual fatigue.

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