The establishments of work are spaces of extreme wealth for the owners of the same ones, since their goods are lodged there; human, material and economic. Having correct lighting is of vital importance for fruitful development and growth.

The owner of the establishment must provide its employees with all the comforts and rights that the law requires for the performance of their work. The current regulations of the Ministry of Labor, NOM 025-STPS-2008 seeks to evaluate and control the correct levels of lighting in work centers for an optimal performance of the functions of each worker, in a safe and healthy environment.

Within the obligations of the company, this regulation contemplates the lighting conditions that the company or the employer must implement in the workplace:

Control the optimal lighting levels in the work areas, according to the stipulated by the table of lighting levels depending on the space where the tasks are carried out, the lighting can go from 20 luxes (outdoor areas) to 2,000 luxes (inside workshops where you work with small parts or for very long periods)
Carry out the recognition of the lighting conditions of the areas and work stations.
Show the labor authority, when so requested, the documents required by this Standard to elaborate or possess.
Make the recognition of the lighting conditions of the areas and work stations.
Have the results report of the evaluation of the lighting levels of the areas, activities or jobs.
Inform all workers about the risks that a glare or a poor level of lighting can cause in their areas or jobs.
Practice exams with annual periodicity of visual acuity, campimetry and of perception of colors to the workers who develop their activities in areas of the work center that have special lighting.
Carry out a maintenance program for work center luminaires, including emergency lighting systems, as established in Chapter 11 of NOM-025-STPS-2008.
Install emergency electric lighting systems, in those areas where the interruption of the artificial light source represents a risk in the visual task of the workplace, or in the areas considered as an evacuation route that require it.
It is important that when knowing this information, a light measurement is made that allows the employer to detect the levels of light in the workspaces and to make sure that they comply with the stipulations of the law.
Another detail to review is the selection of an adequate visual fund for the activities of the workers; it is necessary to avoid blocking the lighting during the performance of the activity as well as areas where there are abrupt changes in lighting.


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