Recreation and entertainment are an essential part of human development. Sports are undoubtedly an important pillar in our daily lives that allow us to forget about our work activities and wrap ourselves in an environment full of passion and desire for victory.

Maybe you’ll think what do LEDs have in common with sports? Well, to be true there is nothing in common between them, however, they are strongly rooted and related, how?

In this field of entertainment, LEDs present numerous applications. They are used in devices in sports venues such as markers or video markers for sports halls in basketball, futsal, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.

Likewise, they are used as outdoor markers, specifically in sports such as football, tennis, athletics and racing.

This type of sports entertainment has a large number of spectators, so various advertising agencies use too much of these spaces to advertise various products, brands or slogans through billboards, many of which are created with LED lights.

The first installations were shared, that is, it was a video marker that offered advertising in a very attractive way, while reporting on the most important evolutions or events of the sporting event.

The potential success of this type of equipment drove the development of LED technology, which replaced the giant CTR screens with numerous technical limitations. The first screen with this technology was installed in 1997, at the Villa Park Stadium of the Aston Villa, in Birmingham, England.

The advantages of this type of communication and publicity are numerous. Advertising has found a new showcase on LED screens to get the attention of the public, not only inside stadiums, but also outside them, through giant screens that have allowed revalue the sale of commercial spaces.

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