Thanks to its properties of low consumption, long service life, high luminous efficiency, high efficiency and low installation and maintenance cost, the passive optoelectronics of LED technology are a more popular lighting system of recent years.

These characteristics make their uses and implementations abysmal and encompass large global economic sectors. Its catalog of applications continues to expand, giving rise to surprising initiatives such as fashion light up and LED clothing.

Although the textile industry is one of the sectors that seem to dismiss the trends with greater ease when cataloging them as “outdated”, LED clothing is consolidating its own niche business in this sector with benefits of around 1,000 million dollars .

Beyond the extravagance of luminous clothing, this trend presents applications that are useful for other branches of industry, such as sports. This branch currently applies this technology in garments such as sneakers, sweatshirts or caps that are activated by movement, which improves visibility while exercising at night or riding the streets by bicycle.

In a world as changeable as fashion, it is difficult to know where the next trends in smart clothes will go. However, the continuous advances that are presented in LED technology could generate more useful applications that may surprise us.

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