The benefits and positive aspects of LED technology for lighting are well known as they range from energy saving and efficiency, lower environmental impact to longer life and reduction in indoor temperatures.

The LEDs present a great opportunity to illuminate large areas and with simple conditions such as a warehouse, whether commercial or industrial, it is even possible to illuminate with LED refrigerated warehouses due to the resistance of this system against the climate.

With the development and boom that the LED system has had as an alternative method of lighting, devices with great capacity, intensity and low consumption have been developed, as well as a lot of resistance, as these last up to 60 thousand hours or more of continuous lighting in comparison with the incandescents that last only a thousand hours or the fluorescents that last only 9 thousand hours besides being able to generate colors of great quality and fidelity due to its high rate of Chromatic Reproduction (ICR) and technology.

Another highlight of this LED technology is its maintenance, since it is practically null since its life time is long and its resistance is quite, which reduces costs in terms of maintenance and replacement and warehouses where the work is somewhat complex due to the height of the roofs of these constructions.

In addition, this lighting system allows us to save significant amounts of money because it uses only 15% of the energy that traditional bulbs use, making the environmental impact is reduced as well as the economic impact.

Although at the beginning the implementation of these systems can be somewhat costly, the return on investment will come with each receipt, because the savings will be significant in terms of electricity costs, virtually zero maintenance costs.

If we implement the LED system we can contribute a little to the care of the environment, and if we look for an ecological certification, this would be a good starting point.

Far from being expensive or complex, the LED system is efficient and necessary for companies that seek to save money and at the same time be socially responsible, taking care of the environment and the welfare of the people who inhabit it.

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La iluminación LED responde a la aplicación más avanzada de tecnología para reducir emisiones de CO2 a la atmósfera #Kadled

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