Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco (Mexico), is a city that stands out for its beauty and its importance in the Mexican economy as well as being the cradle of many aspects of Mexican culture such as Mariachi and Tequila; It also has an important historical importance, with monuments and museums that highlight its importance in past events.

The government has undertaken a project in order to highlight the beauty of 13 historical monuments of the city as well as save energy and generate minimal impact to the environment by lighting such monuments using LED technology.

Points of historical and religious importance such as San Francisco, the Temple of Santa Mónica, the Expiatorio, Aranzazú and the Cabañas Cultural Institute were part of this project where the lighting was modernized, now controlled remotely and the LEDs can mix shades of colors to achieve luminous effects of varied intensities that can be modified according to the occasion as with the colors of the national flag during the month of September.

For 40 minutes a tour bus specially designed to present a panoramic view of the visited tourist points, led to observe this lighting to the state governor, the lawyer Aristóteles Sandoval and the mayor of Guadalajara, the lawyer Enrique Alfaro, so that afterwards they gave the seen good and concluded with the inauguration of the modernization with LED technology of the illumination of historical monuments

33 million pesos were used to modernize this system, since 60% was contributed by the federal government and the rest was contributed by the state government.

These monuments comprise stage number two of the lighting project with total LED highlights, being that during the first stage emblematic monuments such as the Cathedral and the Minerva were illuminated and in the third stage it is planned to illuminate some traditional neighborhoods of Guadalajara.

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