There is no doubt that LED lighting is here to stay. Multiple industries have seen in their varied and effective features important benefits for savings in installation, maintenance and functionality of their businesses.

Since its inception in 1962, the LEDs functioned as status indicators (on / off) of virtually all electronic devices of that time. Later, they began to be used as signaling devices for traffic and emergency, until they reached one of the most imposing scenarios in the world; Times Square, where we can currently find the information panel of NASDAQ, which is 36.6 meters high and is the largest in the world.

So far public safety and publicity have warmly adopted LED lighting, but the telephone industry is not far behind. The lighting of liquid crystal displays of mobile phones has chosen to implement this technology. Not to mention that calculators, electronic agendas, bicycles, televisions, cars, movie theaters and even television and cinema sets also add to the list of users.

In addition, the heavier sectors are added. Wineries, industrial plants, parking lots, shops and homes, are the segments that have taken as a bulwark every benefit of this type of lighting.

In the commercial / industrial part the lighting for floors and pavements is important in plants and parking lots. Decorative lighting leans to the use of the home, where it is important for the well-being and the best use and appearance of bookcases, shelves and decorative items.

Outdoor lighting also applies to both sectors, as it allows a more accurate view of the exterior, providing security for the resident and / or worker. The lighting of special places becomes vital in industrial plants, specifically in the production and assembly lines. In the part of the home, it is transcendental for the setting and lighting of corridors or gardens.

Thanks to the diversity in the tonalities that can be achieved, it is possible to create different spaces and environments depending on the needs you have.

In short, LED lighting is a fundamental part of the appearance of homes, businesses and industries, as well as streets, basements and parking lots. It is a technology that is very often found in our lives to improve the comfort of our daily activities.

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