Kadled and Pro Ecoturismo for the modernity of Guadalajara.

Calandrias (traditional carriages), Jalisco’s cultural heritage and one of the main tourist attractions of Guadalajara, carriages with folding hood whose driving force based on draft horses has circulated through the streets of the historic center since the beginning of the 20th century, when they acquired the nickname of Calandrias due to the black and yellow that used to look, colors analogous to birds of the same name.

Kadled consistent with its commitment to care for the environment and in partnership with Pro Ecoturismo bet on the modernity of Guadalajara and contribute to the improvement of the environment by providing 55 fully electric carriages that will replace the current ones, avoiding animal abuse, Once the essence of these vehicles is preserved in a precise mixture of tradition and actuality.

The new carriages will wear a shiny black with gold motifs on lanterns, sides and rims that, in combination with an elegant red interior, make a clear allusion to their predecessors of the early twentieth century.

Technical specifications.
  • 5 horsepower engine.
  • Maximum speed estimated 50km / h with one person on board.
  • Maximum speed estimated 30km / h with 7 people on board.
  • 48v battery that provides a range up to 20 km.
  • Dimensions 3.3m length, 1.8m width, 2.5m high.
  • Charge indicator.
  • Switch R-N-D.
  • Throttle.
  • Brake.
  • Mirrors.
  • Led navigation lights: Rooms, Front, rear and stop lights.


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