Now that we know what is the basic operation of the LED, being a diode capable of radiating light, its advantages over common bulbs such as resisting 60 times more continuously, have a better performance in extreme environments and low vibrations, consume a fraction of consumed by incandescent and fluorescent, do not need maintenance, produce less thermal radiation and does not emit UV rays.

Now that we know that having a LED bulb at home will bring us benefits such as significantly saving a little money on our electricity bill or being more environmentally friendly.

Now that we know that LED lights have the ability to project large images while preserving quality, they have the ability to regulate tones and intensities and generate colors with high quality and fidelity due to their innovative technology.

Now that we know what the intensity of lumens of an LED depends on and its relation to watt consumption, we know that the active material and its density influence its performance, quality and duration, now that we know what type of light color it requires every room, now that we know all that … We can try to generate different applications with LEDs in our lives.

On the internet there are endless ideas to put into practice all the theoretical about LEDs, that is, to be able to create a lamp, decorate a wall or showcase our store with these small light emitters

If we use LED lighting correctly, we can decorate stairs, rooms, basements, displays, roads, walls and many things easily and efficiently.

It is up to us to improve the image of our home, office industry with LED lighting, saving energy and being friendly to the environment.

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Un poco de creatividad y tecnología LED pueden cambiar completo la atmosfera de cualquier espacio #Kadled #Arte

Te presentamos al considerado padre del diodo emisor de luz visible, Nick Holonyak. #Kadled

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