A glare is a somewhat uncomfortable situation that is caused by a direct impact of light on our face, mainly to our eyes, affecting our vision due to the access of photons that enter the eye nerves.

A glare can occur in two ways:

  • Direct: This is caused when the source of light directly impacts our face, specifically, our eyes producing a kind of blindness which is not only uncomfortable but harmful.
  • Indirect: This is produced by a reflecting surface and a light source, because the rays hit directly on the surface and bounce to later impact and produce glare.

To avoid this we bring some practical tips that will serve not only to send the glare but also to make the lighting system of our house more efficient.

  1.  Move the light sources: The light produces glare when reflected on a surface or directly impact so moving the light sources should avoid this, besides that it can bring with it other effects such as greater lighting in the room or a better efficiency, a depth change, etc.
  2. Modify the location of the furniture: The way in which the furniture is positioned also has to do with glare, although in this case it only applies with natural light sources, one recommendation is to place the furniture perpendicularly with respect to the rays of the sun in rooms where natural light enters frontally because in this position the glare is avoided in a simple way.
  3. Combination of light and finishes: The surfaces and finishes of floors, walls and furniture affect the way in which light is reflected, so a recommendation is that if the furniture, for example, is finished bright, the lighting in the room should be gentle to avoid annoying reflections and therefore, glare.

Now that you know what causes a glare and how to fight it you should put your knowledge into practice.

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