Before buying an LED bulb, you must take into account some important points; know the lighting needs of the space, the number of watts, type of lighting that is sought (warm, neutral or cold) and the opening angle required. It is important to mention that the opening of a bulb determines its functionality.

The closed angle bulbs are those that oscillate between 15° and 60°, they are appropriate to illuminate very specific areas, because they concentrate their luminous intensity in a specific area. Conversely, bulbs with aperture angles of 60° to 160° illuminate large surfaces and reduce shaded areas.

If you plan to buy LED bulbs with a closed angle, the distance between the bulb and the area to be illuminated is very small, which is why what is known as the “lantern effect” is produced; the lighting that is offered seems to be a flashlight, because the effect of the circumference of light is very well defined. This effect does not occur when conventional bulbs are used, because the light is concentrated at one point, but diffuses and progressively degrades towards the exterior of the focal point.

With LED bulbs this must be taken into account when choosing the opening angle, since this type of lighting is very focal.

In general, the LED’s have an opening angle of 100° to 120°. Those of 120° are useful to reduce to the maximum the shadow of the room or commercial premises, because the intensity of the light is very homogenous in all the points. Bulbs from 40° to 60° are ideal for lighting corridors, bathrooms, stoves, bookshelves and bookshelves, etc.

If you are looking for light bulbs to illuminate a space with a very high ceiling it is better to choose more closed angles close to 60°. If a large opening angle is implemented in these spaces, the light is distributed a lot and the light intensity in the farthest part is reduced. Unlike the closed ones that focus the lighting from start to finish, with the same intensity. It is preferable that in these cases you place many light bulbs with a closed angle than a few large angle bulbs.

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