Illumination not only affects the way we look at the world but also in certain functions of our body and is even a key factor in emotions, according to scientists and researchers, in times when levels of sunlight decrease As winter, depression and suicide is more common.

Light affects different processes and bodily functions, having some effects such as the following:

Disorders related to the eyes: It can produce pain and inflammation in the eyelids, produce visual fatigue, sensations of heaviness in the eyes, tearing, redness, irritation and even altered vision being the most serious of all.
Cefalalgias: These are defined medically as occasional headaches, which, first, must be studied and analyzed by a doctor to determine if they are caused by the lighting.
Fatigue: Surprisingly the lighting affects the performance of our body provoking lack of energy, exhaustion, stress and lack of sleep. Here, too, the doctor plays an important role, since he must discard other variables.
Effects on mood: As we have already mentioned, light influences the state of mind and can cause depression in case of absence, low productivity and other complications.

To determine if the light levels are correct and if we must make a change in our lighting system, we must consider the following:

At what time do we use it? Day or night?
Do you have natural light inputs?
What types of lights are there?
Are there flashes, flashes or excess light at certain times?
What is the purpose of the place?

If we can answer these questions, they serve as a guide to finish in part, if the lighting is correct or we should change or improve it. If we still do not know whether we should modify the lighting, we recommend following these basic principles.

Make the most of natural light by avoiding the direct rays of the sun at certain times.
Consider artificial light as a complement to natural light.
Mix lighting with each source having individual controls for its regulation.
Control glare and glare.
If computers are used we must consider variables such as temperature, light and reflection on the screens.

If we follow these basic tips we can avoid a negative impact on health and productivity caused by lighting.

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