Industry Enablers Training Program 4.0

Description of the modality:
The 1,400.00 fee is the cost of the Industry Enablers 4.0 training program, in accordance with the rules of operation and in order to ensure that the resource is used in accordance with the objectives of said program. of operation it is established that the resource is called directly from the Secretariat to the supplier that provides the level according to the applicable regulations.

Description of the type of support:
The granting of support consists of an aid for the participation of students of public decentralization bodies of higher education sectorized to the Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology in a training program for Industry 4.0 “Enablers of Industry 4.0”

Periodicity of support:
Does not apply

Amount of support:
1400.00 pesos payment for training

Description of the attention group:
Directed to students of the Technological Institute José Mario Molina Pasquel and Henríquez, of the Technological University of Jalisco, of the Technological University of the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara and of the Polytechnical University of the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara.

Stages of life that covers:
Young boys

Both of them



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