Undoubtedly, one of the vital and conditional elements in the life of the human being is enlightenment. It is the most important tool to create different environments that allow activities such as working, doing homework, reading, talking, playing, etc.

A good environment is due, to a large extent, to correct lighting, believe it or not, this can affect performance while doing some activities.

A properly lit space is not necessarily the one that has more light, but it is one that knows and recognizes the activities that are carried out in it and opts for the right tonality, temperature and opening angle.

As mentioned above, the psychological effects of lighting are varied and of great value, and also greatly affect the trend known as “Emotional Design”. Lighting is a basic need, but it must be designed and designed according to the needs of the space in order to generate comfort for the user.

In the architectural field lighting has been present in all its movements, and its functionality can be seen in different aspects:

  • Light as a necessity.
  • Light as a signaling of space.
  • Light as a modifier of space.
  • Light as a tool to create effects and sensations.

In many occasions we do not think about the importance and effects of lighting, since being a basic necessity we take it for granted, we implement it and we use it many times without reasoning. This has a more significant importance than we would have believed, a good illumination over all things, generates comfort.

Well-lit spaces are well-used spaces.

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