What sounded like crazy to many, for Arturo Campos Fentanes began seeing his baby before going to sleep. His imagination, creativity and vision got to work and in six months he created something that many would see as impossible.

For Arturo it was something that caught his attention was watching his baby reactions to the led spotlights that were in his room. This situation led him to investigate the properties of the LEDs and begin to forge his crazy idea, “I saw that it was a good semiconductor and I returned to my physics classes. That’s how we started. ”

In spite of the reactions and comments that he received when counting on his idea, Arturo together with his group of mathematicians and physicists, in just 6 months, managed to transmit audio through the light of the LED spotlights.

“We have audio, we are transmitting audio, they told me. I felt the man on the moon. Everyone applauded, he shouted, because when you talk about this at first they call you crazy. This guy is smoked. And when you can, you come back and tell them: I was not so wrong. ”

With “SoundLed” you can transmit music or news, messages or any piece of audio created that you want, all this through LED lights that are located in the business, cafeteria, hospital or public transport.

The technological company, Sisoft could be considered as the company of the follies, because many of its inventions and innovation have arisen from the director’s own follies and his collaborators.

This idea has already ended its period of research and development. He is currently in final tests to begin with the commercialization and the insertion of the product in the market.

Li-Fi technology, self-sustaining drones, Internet of things, are some of the trends that this technology company will be developing.

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