LED light has not only perfected the way we illuminate our work and recreation spaces, its use has also generated great economic and environmental impact for some countries. Let’s start with a brief example:

It is estimated that in Spain there are around 300,000 traffic lights that have an estimated annual consumption of 350 GW (using incandescent bulbs) due to their large number of service hours. This amount is equivalent to the electricity that 150,000 households can consume in the same period of time.

In the whole of Spain, the substitution program of the IDAE calculates that the new luminaires installed with LED technology will have, at least, an annual saving of 90 GW.

According to data from the Ministry of Energy, in Mexico, during 2015 there was an electricity consumption of 248,738.68 (GWh) and an electricity consumption per capita of 2,055,593 (kWh / inhabitant).

Conventional lighting occupies up to 25% of the average household’s pocket. Reducing this amount of GW is ideal for our portfolio, to show the following example: Assuming that an office has a LED luminaire that remains lit 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, the useful life of this bulb can be 24.8 years .

This technology not only helps our portfolio, but also the environment. According to a report by researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, if everyone will replace all the bulbs they use for LEDs, in 10 years coal consumption would be reduced by almost 153 million kiloliters, it would take 230 fewer nuclear plants and reduce 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. In addition,

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