Kadled Tolum


The combination of superior performance and energy savings with great style make this product a brilliant choice. TOLUM was specially designed to be in great volume areas that require an extensive distribution of light with a very low maintenance cost.

Kadled KLR


KLR is the replacement of conventional outdoors lighting. Its remarkable reduction in energy usage and its durability make it an excellent eco-friendly option tu substitute today’s streetlights.

Kadled Troffer


The new generation of TROFFER luminaries transforms light in an exquisite balance of elegance and efficiency. Each module produces an exceptional and uniform luminous flux for each area. Its revolutionary LED technology marks the beginning of a new era in indoors lighting.

Kadled KLL


KLL represents the evolution of traditional halogen lamps thanks to its superior performance and ultra slim design. Its LED technology creates a uniform beam and a luminous flux that surpasses traditional products. Its montage versatility allows an easy installation in walls or ceilings with any inclination needed.


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Kadled for the modernity of Guadalajara
Kadled for the modernity of Guadalajara

Kadled and Pro Ecoturismo for the modernity of Guadalajara. Calandrias (traditional carriages), Jalisco’s cultural heritage and one of the main tourist attractions of Guadalajara, carriages with folding hood whose driving force based on draft horses has circulated through the streets of the historic center since the beginning of the 20th century, when they acquired the nickname of Calandrias due to…

From light to sound
From light to sound

What sounded like crazy to many, for Arturo Campos Fentanes began seeing his baby before going to sleep. His imagination, creativity and vision got to work and in six months he created something that many would see as impossible. For Arturo it was something that caught his attention was watching his baby reactions to the led spotlights that were in…

Can’t-Miss Light Festivals!
Can’t-Miss Light Festivals!

Without a doubt, the light shows are really impressive. The lighting is an element that accompanies the best shows in the world and that perplexes the spectators. If you want to see something unprecedented, here is a list of light festivals that you can not miss. CHINA LANTERN FESTIVAL This festival arrives with the first full moon according to the…

Un poco de creatividad y tecnología LED pueden cambiar completo la atmosfera de cualquier espacio #Kadled #Arte

Te presentamos al considerado padre del diodo emisor de luz visible, Nick Holonyak. #Kadled

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