If buying a LED bulb is within your plans, it is better that, as in everything, consider the multiple options that exist in the market based on your needs, the characteristics of your room or construction and your budget as well as the characteristics of the light bulb.

The first point to consider is the number of LEDs that contain the bulb, since they can go from 3 series and up to 20, being the second point to consider the active material that contains as the density affects the performance and the price.

A light bulb with high density material will generate more light, it will have a longer life time but it will also be more expensive, instead, a bulb with a low density active material will be cheaper, with less intensity and at some point the LEDs will be progressively damaged , affecting its operation.

The third point to consider of a LED bulb is the amount of light it generates, it is measured in lumens and related to the number of watts consumed, in this case, the watts consumed are few and the lumens generated are quite the maximum of 90.

Another important point is the angle of opening of the light because there are light bulbs that focus the light and others that expand it being the seconds, the most used in rooms.

The last point to consider is the temperature of the light, because it is chosen according to the type of room to be illuminated.

The cold color is chosen for garages because it is the most intense, the pure white color is chosen for kitchens and bathrooms due to its medium intensity, and the warm color is chosen for bedrooms, bedrooms, etc., due to the softness of its intensity.

As we could see, the purchase process requires some prior information and an analysis of options to choose the best LED bulb that fits our needs and our budget.

In you is saving energy and being friendly to the environment, will you?

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