Without a doubt, the light shows are really impressive. The lighting is an element that accompanies the best shows in the world and that perplexes the spectators. If you want to see something unprecedented, here is a list of light festivals that you can not miss.


This festival arrives with the first full moon according to the Chinese Calendar, which marks the last day of the New Year celebrations. It is one of the most popular festivities of the year in the country: carnivals, Lion and Dragon dances, artistic performances and, of course, tangyuan (traditional soup). During the festival, at night, children carry lanterns loaded with riddles and proverbs to the temples: it is a millenary tradition that dates back to the beginning of the Han Dynasty. These luminaries symbolize leaving behind the past in order to renew itself in the year that begins.


If you have plans to visit Amsterdam in November, you can not miss it (November 30, 2017), it is one of the most lasting – two months – and also one of the most interesting: this festival proposes a double route … On the one hand, Water Colors has its headquarters on the city’s canals and allows visitors to experience the experience of contemplating light installations and artistic works related to it from an aquatic perspective. The walking route, Illuminade, is concentrated in the Plantage neighborhood. Two themes have already been selected for each route, for the next edition … In Water Colors, the artists will have the challenge to give a new point of view of the city through their work. Illuminade, on the other hand, will focus on Biomimesis: science where both logic and the structures of nature are used to solve human problems.


The next edition of the Australian festival of Light, Music and Ideas will be held from May 26 to June 17 and promises to put the Australian capital back on its head. The famous city becomes, for a few days, a cacophony of installations, sculptures and free light projections for all audiences. A magical celebration where excellence in light design is given thanks to the most extensive art gallery on the planet. A complete program with the latest technologies applied to the field of music based at the Sydney Opera House, as well as a dedicated space dedicated to Ideas as a driving force for creativity and innovation in the sector.


France is the country that hosts the fair dedicated to the most famous light on the planet. For four nights the streets, buildings, squares and parks of Lyon are filled with light, poetry and color. An unparalleled atmosphere that, every year, thousands of visitors breathe. There are permanent facilities at the Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse or the Lafayette Bridge. Between tradition and modernity, the Fiesta de las Luces is a tribute to the city of which it is the venue and an unparalleled showcase for artists from all over the world. In each house it is traditional to light candles in windows and terraces so that the citizens themselves feel part of the show. The next edition starts on December 11, 2017.

Have not you planned your vacation for this year? Now that you know this information, you have many options to spend a magical moment full of light.

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