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From light to sound

What sounded like crazy to many, for Arturo Campos Fentanes began seeing his baby before going to sleep. His imagination, creativity and vision got to work and in six months he created something that many would see as impossible. For Arturo it was something that caught his attention was watching his baby reactions to the led spotlights that were in…

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Can’t-Miss Light Festivals!

Without a doubt, the light shows are really impressive. The lighting is an element that accompanies the best shows in the world and that perplexes the spectators. If you want to see something unprecedented, here is a list of light festivals that you can not miss. CHINA LANTERN FESTIVAL This festival arrives with the first full moon according to the…

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Smart lighting

There are several portals, researchers and specialists who have exposed in various manifestos, the benefits of LED lighting for the environment and the economy. It is known that these products were created to reduce faults in the public lighting system, which have the ability to optimize energy efficiency and that its life span is eight times greater than conventional. One…

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Why is the world panicked by the saving lights?

A product known and used by millions is causing great impact worldwide, generating panic in the inhabitants who have discovered the series of consequences that its use has. The saving bulbs or bulbs, due to its objective of “energy saving”, the companies that made them have made some changes in them so that they can meet a friendly purpose for…

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LED technology in the textile industry

Thanks to its properties of low consumption, long service life, high luminous efficiency, high efficiency and low installation and maintenance cost, the passive optoelectronics of LED technology are a more popular lighting system of recent years. These characteristics make their uses and implementations abysmal and encompass large global economic sectors. Its catalog of applications continues to expand, giving rise to…

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