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We are a Mexican enterprise dedicated to bring lighting solutions and electronic products manufacture capable of generating value for each one of our clients. Since our beginning in 2010, our founder, the engineer Juan Pablo González, envisioned various goals. Two of the most important were to keep our compromise to create more environment-friendly products and to encourage the local talent as an example of the advanced technology that can be produced in Mexico.



To become the leading enterprise in Mexico that creates lighting solutions and electronic manufacture contributing with our daily work to the improvement of society and the creation of a better future.

4 years ago, the engineer Juan Pablo visualized the goal and compromise of being known in the country in a period of 6 years and, as a more ambitious challenge, he contemplated to give KADLED presence in the international scene within 10 years. This is why in 2014 new investments and products have been made and why new alliances (both commercial and financial) and corporative structures have been established as well.



To create lighting solutions and electronic products manufacture that generate true value for our clients and to establish strategic alliances that allow us to offer always top quality and eco-friendly services and products.

Juan Pablo González, founder & ceo

Nowadays, the enterprise that began its operations with only 6 employees, has a team of 100 people, 2 lines of eco-friendly, lighting products, electronic manufacture and information technology services. Because of its professionalism and collaborative spirit KADLED will continue to grow day by day presenting an example of innovation, talent and excellence.

values that defines us

Values and corporate culture

Through our daily work we attempt to impulse both our clients’ projects and the development of Mexico. It is important to offer our clients top quality products that can generate true value for their lives or their businesses. In our country, we seek to be promoters of technological development and local talent considering always the creation of more eco-friendly products. Inside KADLED we are a collaborative team that works with joy and passion, that tries to create each day an atmosphere in which each one of its members can grow as a professional and as a person.


It’s in everything we do, it’s our daily quest for excellence.

     Team work

We are conscious that, in order to grow, the most important thing is to impulse the talent of our team.


It’s our capacity to respond to our clients, the environment and to the world.

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It’s the attitude we have to satisfy any expectation.


We materialize creativity through our products.


It’s the language in which we communicate every day between us and with our clients.


It’s our mind and our heart working in synchrony to achieve satisfaction for what we do.


It is the realization of the 7 values that is achieved when the entire team works simultaneously to bring each goal and dream of the enterprise to life.

we take care of the environment together

Our customers


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79.11% savings in operating costs, return of investment in 2.3 years.

500 Luxes of lighting in sports courts.

5 years warranty.

Guadalajara Country Club

Guadalajara Country Club

40000 m2 illuminated to date, 67% saving in replacement of luminaires.

Levels of lighting according to NOM-025-STPS-2008 and EMA.

5 years warranty

Grupo Gondi PEOSA

Grupo Gondi PEOSA

50% energy savings.

800 Luxes of lighting in store floor.

5 years warranty.

Extra Stores

Extra Stores

76% operating cost savings, return on investment in 2 years.

Lighting levels according to NOM-025-STPS-2008 and FAA-AC 1070-1 Safety, Airports Aviation.

5 years warranty.




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