LED technology allows us not only to illuminate places with greater power and lower energy expenditure, make our toys shine or our cars look futuristic, it also allows us to project images of a very good quality and in large areas, for example, on the facade of an immense skyscraper.

An ambitious and innovative project was proposed by a study of engineers, architects and designers recognized worldwide for having participated in the construction of the tallest skyscraper in the world called Burj Kahlifa in the Middle East.

Taking advantage of its facade made with LED, which was named the largest LED facade in the world, the creatives seek to project the shadow of architectural monuments from different parts of the globe during certain periods of time so that tourists, visitors and city dwellers can compare the size of the mole over 800 meters in height with the size of the other monuments.

For this, the following images will be screened: The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, The Petronas Towers, the Beijing CCTV, The Shard in London, the CN Tower in Toronto and the Taipei 101.

Each silhouette will slowly parade on the facade of the large building as a kind of tribute to the great wonders of previous centuries and as a reaffirmation of the skyscraper as the world’s greatest brother, according to the architects in charge of the project.

This seeks to demonstrate the great power of innovation, design and architectural genius that the Middle East has as well as the economic power to carry out huge and challenging projects.

The engineers responsible for the LED system also show us the immense capabilities that the system has as well as its viability in the realization of multiple activities because, if you can project silhouettes in a skyscraper over 800 meters high, you can logically illuminate a large avenue generating security, savings and an eco-friendly relationship, because much energy is saved in the process.

LED technology paints to have a significant participation in global development, so it will not be a novelty that becomes a very common and popular topic in the coming years and even months.

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