Among the great innovations that have brought companies and laboratories, are the LEDS, which are small light emitters of great capacity, of great amplitude, economic and extremely saving.

Their potential has been such that we can find them in many objects that require light but that have little space to install an emitter; Cell phones in your flash, cars, lamps, table and hand lamps, televisions, drones and even toys have used this technology to save money and improve their designs.

A company in Chile has decided to go further and created a LED column that has multiple functions, not just the lighting.

Designed by a company with years of experience in the field of lighting and technology, this column will have the capacity to house 6 modules in addition to the LED environmental lighting it will provide, since the options for the modules will go from cameras and microphones video surveillance, ports to connect electric vehicles or mobile devices to charge, Tsunami warning sensors or earthquakes and Wi-Fi senders to increase access and coverage in the city.

Its installation is extremely simple so it can be installed in public squares, streets, avenues, tourist areas or any side looking for lighting and improvement in services and security, as the company also incorporated an anti-crime alamar system connecting it directly with local police corporations.

According to executives of this company, investing in LED technology has become a necessity since it is extremely cheap to maintain this technology, besides its consumption of energy and fuels for the production of this technology is relatively low in comparison with the systems of traditional lighting.

Its configuration is based on what is required by the client, making these columns a versatile option for those seeking to improve lighting, efficient energy consumption and add extras such as video surveillance, panic buttons, load centers or expansion of Wifi zones within the installation space of the LED column.

LED technology is here to stay because it offers more and better benefits than traditional lighting methods.

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